The Dressage Simulator - Ride forward with technology

The fully interactive Dressage Simulator is easy to use for both children and adults. It offers rider's a revolutionary way to focus on their skills and correct their balance by viewing immediate and visual feedback on their seat position and riding manoeuvres. It is used world-wide by professional and amateur riders as an essential aid to training.

The Dressage Simulator is about 15.3hh and can walk, trot, canter and perform many of the movements up to grandprix level.

A simulator allows the rider to concentrate on themselves whilst it maintains a perfect rhythm.

dressage simulator sensorsSensors in the saddle give a visual read out of the riders balance allowing the rider to correct their position in the saddle and develop a better seat.

Rein and leg sensors monitor the aids given by the rider and pinpoint problems issues. This is done visually by menas of wide-screen TV and by the instructor who can adjust the riders position and aids when the rider is in motion.

The dressage simulator helps the rider to optimise their performance and maximise training time.


Booking Information & Prices

The Dressage Simulator is always a great ride and always good fun. Come along for a ride around our virtual parkland.

$110 for 1 hour with instruction.
$100 an hour for clubs with instruction (max 4 people)

Need somewhere to stay?
If you're too far away for one lesson why not book several lessons and come and stay in Oxford for a few days. We are in the foothills of the Alps with great views and plenty of other things to do.

A concentrated block of lessons on the simulator will really help to improve your riding skills! Contact us for details: Tel: 03-310-7758 Mob: 022-306-8985