Interactive Features

The Riding Workshop Dressage Simulator presents four types of ride; i) Instruction Ride, ii) Free Ride, iii) Test ride iv) Auto training Ride.

Advantages: Close proximity to students when teaching, Safe practise for nervous riders, Safe and controlled environment, Learn the correct posture in minutes, Recover from injury with safe measured steps, All weather training and General fitness.

instruction ridei) Instruction Ride:
The instructional Ride is essential for teachers to help students adjust body position and posture accordingly and also to show them the correct aids for the different movements.


instruction rideii) Free Ride:
The Free Ride allows students to choose between a 20 x 40 or 20 x 60 arena or alternatively ride on the surrounding path and grassland. There are realistic sound effects depending on whether the rider is riding on grass or on a track.


instruction rideiii) Test Ride:
The rider can test his or her ability by using the Test Ride. Test rides are presented orally, by written instruction on the screen and by visual representation. Feedback on performance is delivered visually from each judges view point and from a 'bird's eye' view. You can freeze the screen to analyse problem areas and work closely on them.

Auto Training iv) Auto Training Ride: The Auto Training Ride assesses the rider's set, leg and rein, in either a 1 minute or 2 minute assessment. The rider is asked to sit in the correct way as the simulator turns through the different gates and collects data which is then displayed on a graph. This data can be printed out to record progress. This is a useful instructional aid for instructors to point out and focus on key problem areas.

Booking Information & Prices

The Dressage Simulator is always a great ride and always good fun. Come along for a ride around our virtual parkland.

$110 for 1 hour with instruction.
$100 an hour for clubs with instruction (max 4 people)

Need somewhere to stay?
If you're too far away for one lesson why not book several lessons and come and stay in Oxford for a few days. We are in the foothills of the Alps with great views and plenty of other things to do.

A concentrated block of lessons on the simulator will really help to improve your riding skills! Contact us for details: Tel: 03-310-7758 Mob: 022-306-8985